Benefits of Getting Annual Immunizations

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Immunization is an important preventive tool that can help people of all ages. But you may think we already have healthy foods, medicines, hospitals, and doctors. So, what is the need for immunizations?

Being a community pharmacy, we have been providing immunizations for years. Allow us to share why experts have always recommended getting annual immunizations.

Vaccines have saved many lives for many years. They have reduced the number of people that once routinely killed or harmed adults, babies, children, and seniors. But many people still die or become seriously ill from diseases that vaccines could have helped prevent.

Annual vaccines are essential because the protection they provide can fade, so boosters or additional vaccine is needed to maintain
that protection.

Vaccines help our bodies create antibodies that help fight off infections. They are one of the best ways to protect yourself or your family from preventable diseases. By getting immunized, you protect yourself while also avoiding the spread of these preventable diseases to other people like your loved ones, classmates, and workmates. This is especially important if you are living with people who are too old, too young, or seriously ill to get vaccinated.

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