Correcting Misconceptions About Vaccines

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Vaccines have long benefited and saved countless lives since they were discovered and shared across the globe. However, vaccines face a challenging battle more difficult than the diseases it prevents — false information.

Let us take a look at the common vaccine myths and correct these misconceptions.

  • Misconception: Natural immunity is better than vaccine-induced immunity.

    Correction: While there are cases when our bodies can fight off some infections, it remains incomparable with vaccines. Immunization and vaccines can prevent the spread of infection by boosting our immunity.

  • Misconception: If everyone around me is vaccinated, I do not need to be.

    Correction: This only proves the effectiveness of vaccines, but this should not be used as an excuse to not protect yourself. If a new person gets into the circle or someone gets infected, it is better to have protection for your benefit.

  • Misconception: Vaccines cause autism.

    Correction: Vaccines do not cause autism. This claim has been discredited by numerous professionals and was already retracted. However, this outdated and discredited claim has been referred to by those who have negative agendas.

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