Debunking Myths About Insulin

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debunking-myths-about-insulinPatients with Diabetes are often developing a fear of getting the right treatment because of misconceptions about diabetes management. Insulin therapy is needed in controlling the patient’s blood sugar levels and mitigating the risks of having complications. With myths about insulin therapy circulating around the healthcare industry, patients buying these myths put their lives in more danger.

As a trusted Pharmacy in Bensenville, Illinois, we do our best to get rid of the patient’s fears by providing accurate information about their treatment. To promote the overall wellness of Diabetics, we delve into the myths about insulin therapy.

  • Myth 1: Insulin causes or worsens hypoglycemia.
    Fact: Hypoglycemia happens when one’s blood sugar drops. And because insulin lowers blood sugar levels when it is too high, taking more of it can increase the patient’s risk of developing hypoglycemia. However, there are long-acting insulins available that make hypoglycemia less likely to occur. It’s also safe to say that getting help from healthcare professionals in administering insulin therapy is the best way to stay healthy.
  • Myth 2: Insulin can cause weight gain.
    Fact: Many patients have, in fact, gained weight when they first start the treatment because insulin stimulates appetite. However, it is not necessarily insulin that causes weight gain, but excessive eating.
  • Myth 3: Insulin is the cure for diabetes.
    Fact: The role of insulin and other Diabetic Supplies is only to help manage the disease and prevent complications. As patients wait for healthcare researchers and professionals to find a cure for diabetes, insulin therapy is their best treatment option.

Grand Pharmacy Llc can always help you understand more about insulin therapy or your medications. If you want to conveniently order online, we provide free prescription delivery services right to your door. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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