Diabetes Management: Details to Discuss with Your Pharmacist

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Whether you were diagnosed with diabetes a while ago or you are dealing with the aftermath of a recent diagnosis, your local pharmacy in Bensenville, Illinois can help. Your local pharmacists play a crucial role in your diabetes care and management, as they offer additional support by way of educating you about your condition and helping you gain access to the right medications.

As your reliable pharmacy specializing in the management of diabetes in Illinois, we will share the essential details you should discuss with your pharmacist.

  • Diet
    Overeating is one of the most common reasons why individuals with diabetes remain diabetic. When discussing your care plan, ask about general dietary restrictions you should comply with. In general, individuals with diabetes should avoid sugary foods and drinks. Your pharmacist can also recommend diabetic supplies or a supplement resource based on your diet.
  • Current Medications
    When discussing your care plan, be sure to disclose all medications you are currently taking – including prescription, non-prescription, and over-the-counter medications. This will make it easier for your pharmacist to anticipate drug reactions and avoid common side effects of your medication.
  • Side Effects
    Another detail to discuss is side effects. If you are experiencing any side effects from your current medication, be sure to keep track of them and discuss them with your pharmacist. This will make it easier to track the efficacy of different medications based on your individual needs.

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