How Drug Interactions Can Affect Your Health

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One medication can improve our quality of life in many ways, including alleviating pain, stopping the spread of disease, and managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

However, drugs might have unintended consequences, such as harmful drug interactions. These interactions refer to the reaction between two or more medications bought in a pharmacy in Illinois, whether prescribed or OTC meds.

When one uses multiple medicines at once, unwanted interactions may occur. Because of this, the combination may heighten or lessen the medications’ effectiveness or their adverse effects.

Most drug side effects are minor and temporary, such as headaches, stomachaches, or drowsiness.

Occasionally, there are more severe cases where an individual’s preexisting medical condition may interact with medication, resulting in unwanted symptoms.

Sometimes, it is best to avoid consuming a medication alongside a particular food or drink. For instance, while taking some medicines, your doctor may instruct you to avoid certain beverages. Citrus juices like grapefruit juice, as well as alcohol, may also be off-limits.

As an independent pharmacy in Bensenville, Illinois, clearly understanding your medications can help you avoid potentially disastrous drug interactions and unwanted effects.

Take the time to read the label on each medicine you take to familiarize yourself with any potential drug interactions. Never hesitate to discuss your medication regimen with your doctor or pharmacist, just like how a community pharmacist can help you with other needs.

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