How Medication Therapy Management Works

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How Medication Therapy Management Works

When it comes to medicine, you may have heard of the term Medication Therapy Management, or MTM. If you’ve been to our Pharmacy in Bensenville, Illinois, you most certainly have. But what does this mean? Well, we’re here to explain MTM to you.

MTM is when pharmacists analyze a patient’s medicine, propose improvements, and manage the process. For example, someone with Diabetes in Illinois goes to their favorite drugstore to get MTM services because they may need adjustments with their current prescription and need to consult an expert.

A reliable Pharmacy like ours usually offers this kind of service. Why? Because empowering patients to make informed for their medication plans saves lives. Here are a few benefits of getting into MTM:

  • MTM allows for specialists to review your current medications and check them for appropriateness.
  • Pharmacists will be able to gauge if there are side-effects or other detrimental conditions due to the medicines.
  • The MTM team can advise you on potential food-drug interactions that may hinder the efficacy of your medicine or even be dangerous.

We are offering a variety of value-added services apart from MTM, like Free Delivery of Prescription medications. For questions, comments, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 630-422-3162 or 888-513-0346 (Toll-Free). Grand Pharmacy Llc is always here to serve!

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