How to Properly Manage Your Medications

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Patients with chronic illnesses are usually prescribed medications to successfully treat or manage their conditions. Due to taking several prescriptions at once, they often have a complicated medication regimen. Because of this, they are at risk of experiencing medication errors which can either be due to old age or a lack of knowledge on how to effectively manage their prescriptions.

To avoid poor patient outcomes and hospital readmissions, here are some tips on how to properly manage one’s medication and improve compliance:

  • Using compounding services from a reputable community pharmacy for an accurate, personalized, and cost-effective medication management.
  • Working with your healthcare providers to develop a more effective and simple medication regimen.
  • Refill your prescriptions in advance.

If you are looking for an independent pharmacy in Bensenville, Illinois that can help you properly manage your medications, your best choice is Grand Pharmacy Llc.

We offer MTM (Management of Drug Therapies) to optimize the therapeutic outcomes of our patients. Our pharmacist will conduct a complete review of your drug list for high-risk medications and suitability, as well as drug-food interactions.

Aside from addressing your medication problems, we also provide a wide range of high-quality products at affordable prices as part of our quality pharmacy care. For more information regarding our pharmacy in Illinois, you may reach out to us at 630-422-3162.

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