How to Properly Store Medications?

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Improper storage of medications leads to degradation, short shelf life, and decreased product efficacy, especially when your medications are in capsule or tablet forms. Hence, remember the following tips to properly store medications:

  • Keep your medications intact in a light-resistant medication bottle to avoid shifting their structure. Remember that medications like tablets and capsules should not be kept unattended outside of these medication bottles.
  • Areas at home like the bathroom and kitchen have high moisture levels, so you should avoid storing your medications in these places. The same is true inside the car due to the high variance of temperature that could degrade capsules and tablets and loosen topical products.
  • Monitor expiration dates and properly dispose of expired ones. Don’t mix them with your unexpired medications. Always segregate all your medications too, to prevent confusion.
  • Keep your medications within 68-77 degrees F or at room temperature. Don’t place them in damaged and discolored storage bottles. Keep your bottles clean at all times and use transparent ones for easier identification.
  • Place your medication bottles in one area. However, they must be kept from children’s reach to avoid misuse.

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