Take Advantage of Point-Of-Care Testing

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Laboratory testing is an important process of evaluating a person’s condition. Without the test, there is no way to accurately or completely understand the situation. Unfortunately, one of the barriers to why people think less of testing is that they assume tests take time.
Laboratory tests may take some time – but not all. Technology advancements of today have led to effective and convenient solutions, one of which is point-of-care testing.
Let us share the important benefits of this testing feature:

  • Save time and get faster results. 
    POCT is on the lead versus normal laboratory testing because you can claim the results faster — sometimes within minutes. This is a great time-saver for many of us.
  • Convenience and proximity.
    Why travel some distance to get a test when you can conveniently get the procedure done somewhere close? The point-of-care test will not require you to travel thousands of miles for a test you could have just taken right away.
  • Responsiveness and accessibility.
    The purpose of a test is to know your health condition, but what benefit does it give when it is already too late? Immediate results can help you make the right decisions within a timeframe.

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